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About us

Shiv Shakti Embroideries Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading providers of innovative and quality embroidery solutions. Since its inception, the company has continually supported its customers’, embraced efforts to produce finer work and constantly removed barriers that impede efficiency, resulting in products that have no equal.

Founded in 1997 by Sanjay Bansal, the company follows his ideals and vision of providing each customer the utmost satisfaction and efficieny. This led to the Shiv Shakti capturing a lion’s share of the Delhi/NCR market. After completing a decade in 2007, board members Vikash Gupta and Rajesh Gupta were brought on to further stimulate and breathe fresh life into the export arm of the business. They were followed by Akshat Bansal and Pulkesh Singal, who together boosted efficiency and infused some young blood in the company.

Some state-of-the-art machines used are the Swiss Saurer 4040-HPE, EPOCA-06 and EPOCA-07. The latter two are top of the line machines which are exclusively used for mass production of lace, borders etc and sampling respectively. These machines allowed the company to integrate every element of the schiffli embroidery process into a tightly integrated application suite, which in turn resulted in customers being provided quality products faster and cheaper without compromising the quality.

Noticing the growing threat from Chinese imports, the founders were quick to rally and introduced 12 multi-head machines. These machines helped churn out unique chemical borders and neck patches which could compete with the growing Chinese presence in the market.

It is the belief of Sanjay Bansal, as well as the other board members that core competency and development should be at the heart of every organisation. As such, the company has gone beyond the usual elements of quality control and also focuses on soft elements like personnel integrity, motivation, team spirit, and relationships. This leads to company employees and partners being satisfied and content, which results in them performing better, faster, and most importantly, happier than their counterparts.