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Multi Color Computer Embroidery
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Schiffli plant - Shuttle embroidery machines

The company has its independent manufacturing facilities for computer embroidery, Shuttle embroidery, Sequins embroidery, Dori embroidery, Laser cutting, Ribbon embroidery and Aari embroidery. The entire production processes are performed in-house under the supervision of qualified technical personnel.
The company has an independent specialized division handling value-added garments with embroidery, sequence & bead work, evening wear, casuals, accessories as being its main focus.

Our specialization in value added garment is also backed by our associates entities conveniently situated near to our major manufacturing locations :-

· Schiffli Plant
Since Schiffli is the mainstream of business, the company has vertically integrated its manufacturing operations by importing state-of-the-art Swizz Schiffli machines.

Multi head Embroidery - Tazima machines
The in-house design and production facilities on state-of-the-art Japan made Tazima machines offer great products with excellent value for money.

· Design Studio
All embroidery designs are developed by its own highly specialized professional designers and their team.
The company also caters to the customers who require piece dyed and embellished garment such as batik, tie & dye, logo- embroidery, sequence work etc.

· Captive Power Generation is in place for all production units to ensure uninterrupted production and on time scheduled deliveries.
· Research & Development forms the backbone of our business expansion/growth and excellence to meet the ever-demanding needs of our overseas clientele to provide with the definite edge in the apparel trade.
· Trend Scouting starts with the selection of staff members. The company recruit talent from universities, design and fashion schools. SSEPL track down trends and put them on the market.
· Collection Development Shiv Shakti Embroideries Pvt. Ltd. has an extensive fabric and sequins library and an extremely efficient tam that strives endlessly towards transforming software sketches to design realities.
· Production Control Shiv Shakti Embroideries Pvt. Ltd. understands the capabilities and specialities of different countries and their production facilities. It has the right partners there, who carry out work to perfection.


Production Capacity

2,50,000 mtrs. Per Month
3,00,000 pcs Per Month
3,00,000 pcs Per Month

International Norms / Social Commitments

Welfare of employees remaining foremost company's concern and is fully aware of its social commitments and appropriate working conditions. Company pays special attention to see that there are proper health facilities like clean toilets, hygienic working area, portable drinking water and enough air & light. First aid boxes are kept at each production floor. Proper rest / recreation room has been provided.
Wages are paid without discrimination between men and women, no child worker, proper working hours, leaves and compensation are given fulfilling legal requirements. Company keeps safety of workers as its up most priority and has proper electrical installation, adequate Fire Exits with fire extinguishers at working area.